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You may have noticed that my blog page hasn’t been up to much in recent days (years!). Just in case you stumble across it and assume George Torode has perished tragically then sweat not. I’m still knocking around on-line just sharing work on more conventional platforms. You can find these by following the link CLICK HERE!
You never know I may start blogging again but until then I’ll leave you with a parting gift of a conceptual piece I shot on film 15 years ago. It’s called Out of Water no.1. The water tank (just of Ladbroke Grove) has now been turned into a posh flat now WTF!


Out of Water no. 1. 2003. 35mm colour neg.

Out of Water no. 1. 2003. 35mm colour neg.

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The Survivors

A locust that has grown too big for my lizard to eat (and has subsequently bridged the void from prey to pet) and the re-flowering of an orchid thought to be dead. These are the survivors in my home. Against the odds their abrasive beauties have blossomed.


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Portraits from Pinter Prize

After documenting the Pinter Prize for English PEN at the British Library last night I came away with several portraits. The one of winner, James Fenton was used by the Guardian HERE. It accompanies the transcript of the speech made by Julian Barnes about James as an introduction to him receiving the award. I took a portrait of Julian in the green room rehearsing that speech just before he went on stage with it.


Julian Barnes rehearsing speech

Meeting Peter Tatchell at the reception for the award was a particular privilege for me. I’ve admired his human rights work for many years and shot this portrait in the cafeteria of the British Library which was closed at the time but had been left open. Peter was very generous in agreeing to be photographed and momentarily breaking from the literati which included an impressive array of its figureheads. The “PAY HERE” sign refers to the fact that he strives to hold perpetrators of injustices to account while simultaneously accepting the hardships that his life mission provokes. It’s also a similar colour to his shirt.


Peter Tatchell

And finally the great James Fenton mid acceptance speech.


James Fenton

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Questioning perceptions


See my previous post HERE for my motivation for subverting how we are trained to perceive reality. This style of photography which combines filters and shallow depths of field with the strong sunlight is done in camera.

The image below I dismissed at fist for being way too surreal – then I released that was why I liked it. Its a photograph through a very thick red filter of the afternoon sun above some steps up a cliff face in Normandy. The metal handrails catching the light which seem to direct you to the source of all being.

stairway sunset. 2015, 5 x 4 digital file

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Drifting en route

According to the rules of quantum mechanics, the boundary between the ‘world out there’ and our own subjective consciousness are blurred. When physicists look at atoms or particles of light, what they see depends on how they have set up their experiment. This concept comforted me recently when I was crammed into a train at rush hour, as I found solace in questioning my perception. This concept also motivated this image I recently took. Whilst not being a traditionally perceived version of reality  – it is a version of reality all the same. Its unconventional aesthetic perhaps exemplifying these lofty scientific theories?

en route. 2015, 35mm digital file

But where does this leave us then? What’s the point of anything if we relate by human measure? John Lennon wrote “Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream, it is not dying, it is not dying”. That’ll do for me.

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