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Avengers timelapse project

I’ve just finished shooting and editing together this timelapse video for Ocean Outdoor – an advertising company who specialise in large scale roadside installs like the one in my film. Ocean have used this film as a marketing tool for their client, Disney  (the producers of Avengers Assemble featured above) although there’s nothing Mickey Mouse about it.

Although I love the results of timelapse I prefer it when I can leave the camera on the tripod and go for a long lunch while it happily clicks away for a few hours – this is not advisable in Battersea so instead I babysat it for several boring cold hours. Furthermore I’m not sure how much i like my camera taking over 8000 shots in quick succession. I also did some photography for them – or stills now that i’m big in the movie game.


It can also be seen on the Ocean Outdoor website… HERE