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Parallel Pics

Here are some pics from Parallel Lines exhibition i was part of.  Massive thanks to Mike Macmillan who’s space we used and Liza Kenrick the curator.

Parallel Lines group show

I’m participating in a group exhibition which will run for a week starting Saturday 7th June. I’m exhibiting several new works and the exhibition space is on the top floor of a colossal warehouse so its worth coming and having a look. The show is conceived and curated by the irrepressible Liza Kenrick. If I haven’t already invited you and you want to come to the opening night party on the 6th contact Liza on the email address below and beg for it.

For Facebook link please click HERE

Pics from the show


So you missed the show did you? Arhhh…. sorry for you my friend!

Don’t worry – the gallerist Anthony Xuereb was on hand to get some snaps so now you can live the whole experience through your computer screens in sober isolation.

Thank you to Anthony (and his lovely ladyfriend Jordan) for putting on such a top-notch sell-out show. I know they are looking to use the gallery space for a range of events from pop-up restaurants to film screenings so it would be wrong if I didn’t give The Arch Gallery a little link HERE

And peace out to the other Baylis Artists y’all!

Baylis Artist Beltane Show 2013

I’m participating in this show next Friday. It promises to be a biggun – I’ve seen the space and its immense. It dictates large scale work. This is copied striaght from the the Press Release…

“In May 2011 the first Baylis Artists Beltane Show was held in Shoreditch Town Hall to critical and commercial success. It drew together an exhibition of paintings and photographs from six contemporary artists, who were part of a subculture that lived and worked in the former Lilian Baylis School in Waterloo. The unique building is a classic example of modernist 1960’s architecture and provided the artists with large-scale studio spaces for many years.

Since the first Beltane Show in 2011, the artists and residents of the Lilian Baylis School have all been evicted, making way for a multi million pound redevelopment of the site by Conran and Partners. It is currently a boarded up shell – on the cusp of being converted into 149 new homes.

Launching on Friday 17th May for just one night, this exhibition not only celebrates the season of Beltane (the ancient Celtic festival that marks the end of winter and the cusp between spring and summer) but also provides an insight into the work of the Baylis Artists since their last group show 2 years ago. It reflects this pivotal period in their careers, in which their space has been lost but through accepting the transitional process their work has progressed and flourished. The exhibition features:

Felix Friedmann – photographer
David Packard and Chris Stevens – fashion photographers
Sara le Roy – painter
Rowan Spray – photographic artist
George Torode – graphic and photographic artist
Eugene Wood – painter
Helene Martin – artist

The ability for a single space to nurture the development of so many artists would not have been lost on the unconventional and pioneering great dame of theatre, Lilian Baylis (1874–1937), after whom the school is named. Baylis was the driving force behind the establishment of the Old Vic, Sadler’s Wells and the National Theatre, amongst countless other achievements. Baylis Artists Beltane Show 2013 is a testimony to how Baylis’s artistic and pioneering legacy continues to nurture creativity in London, decades after her death.”

What more can I say except come one, come all, come on Eileen

Spring beauty shoot

Earlier this week a couple of make up artists used me to photograph some of their signature looks for their look books. It was a hot spring day and everybody loves the sunshine. This is my edit from the day

The hair and make up artists were Sarah Linley and Karla Barchieri

Wash your face in my Paddington Basin

Late night in Paddington basin last night for shits and giggles

paddington basin ice cream man

paddington basin pink shocker




Will Stein portrait

William Stein portrait

William Stein portrait at Studio 1.1

William Stein is an uncompromising artist who has the vision, ability and dedication to survive the art world. His triumphant second solo show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 is a strong testament to this. You don’t have to look very hard to realise that his work doesn’t fall into the mass category of flimsy abstract art which is overflowing from galleries and studio spaces in the east of London. Stein stands apart through his vehement dedication to the arrangement of shape, colour and textures whilst constantly (and obsessively) returning to his cherished icons: the cone, the cube and the sphere, which he energises till they become totems of his vision.

His show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 on Redchurch Street is on till the 25th of March.

PV night 1.1