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Silvia Ziranek portrait at OMNI relaunch party

Last night I was filming a performance based art-piece by Silia Ziranek for OMNI prints at their launch party of their funky new premises in London Bridge. At the after party (and after several nuclear strength Whisky Macs) I asked Silvia if I could take her portrait and was pretty pleased with the result, especially given the lateness of the hour.

Silia Ziranek portrait

Silia Ziranek portrait

Congrats to OMNI for the opening of their new arch space which looked fantastic and thanks for all the incredible food and non-stop cocktails, although consequentially today has been a bit of a fuzzy Friday (“..for whatever one sows, that will he also reap”. Galatians 6:7).
I’ve been asked to do some interior shots of their new space so watch this space. Find out more about OMNI HERE and more about Silvia HERE

Secret cinema

It seems like everyone is familiar with Secret Cinema these days. For those who don’t then allow me to (try to) explain: Secret Cinema screen films, however, the trick is in the name, in that the audience don’t know what the film will be on  until the projection rolls with the opening credits. Why would this interest anyone you may well ask? Well thats not all they offer, they also provide a interactive theatrical journey before the screening which loosely relates to the film being shown (theoretically not enough to give the film away).  Secret Cinema goers expect to be harangued by actors and intrigued by magnificent installations. I haven’t even mentioned the locations they choose but  they are equally impressive – the current central London premises had to hold the 930 guests on first night.

It was an interesting gig to be employed to shoot. I don’t think I’m giving too much away by telling you there was a strong sci fi element to this one. Check out this selection of my pics below.

Awaiting embarkation

Directions from within

Directions from within

Hypersleep (aka one of the many bars)

An the film is….

This show is still running for a few weeks. take a peek at the Secret Cinema website and book tickets for you and your friends and family HERE.

Shamanic verses

portrait of the artist

Marcus Coates making perfect sence

Before you start with the compliments: I didn’t take this pic. Its by Nick David and its part of artist Marcus Coates’ shamanic investigation into the colossal process of demolition and reconstruction of the Elephant and Castle which is underway at the moment – specifically the Heygate Estate. It was commissioned and entirely produced by NOMAD. Its a moving piece; beautiful for many reasons and in many ways. Coates has taken the conventional “vision” for the area and reinterpreted it in shamanic terms. In the process he creates a magical and insightful parallel world.

It also has a fantastic space for its two week screening: they’ve acquired an old shop premises which is actually in the mall at the Elephant and Castle. Those of you who know the Elephant will probably the agree with my view that the mall is a bit of a wrong’un. Its imminent destruction now seems to have accelerated it’s dilapidation. NOMAD has constructed a cinema in the centre of the shop space which sits as a monolithic black box – a work of art in itself. The depressing truth is that the shop space was previously a pound store which went out of business because of the opening of the 98p store further down the mall.

The noise of the shopping mall blends nicely into the intriguing narrative as Coates spiritual quests infects the broad range of people he encounters. Its reassuring that everyone he meets were open minded to some frankly weird shit! Maybe it’s way Coates himself presents it. His quiet but unquestionable self-belief is immensely reassuring.

The whole experience is an example of contemporary London art at its finest. If you miss this one you’ll miss out on a slice of history trust me.

Its only on till the 29th April so get ‘em while they’re hot. You can read more about it on the NOMAD website… HERE

Avengers timelapse project

I’ve just finished shooting and editing together this timelapse video for Ocean Outdoor – an advertising company who specialise in large scale roadside installs like the one in my film. Ocean have used this film as a marketing tool for their client, Disney  (the producers of Avengers Assemble featured above) although there’s nothing Mickey Mouse about it.

Although I love the results of timelapse I prefer it when I can leave the camera on the tripod and go for a long lunch while it happily clicks away for a few hours – this is not advisable in Battersea so instead I babysat it for several boring cold hours. Furthermore I’m not sure how much i like my camera taking over 8000 shots in quick succession. I also did some photography for them – or stills now that i’m big in the movie game.


It can also be seen on the Ocean Outdoor website… HERE