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Cirque de la Quirk Portraits

I was asked to shoot portraits and document the performers at Cirque de la Quirk last Friday night. It’s the latest project from the delectable Molly McQueen, formally of noughties band The Faders. Her vision is to create a cabaret party brand that can traverse the festival circuit. There was definitely something of the festival atmosphere […]

Silvia Ziranek portrait at OMNI relaunch party

Last night I was filming a performance based art-piece by Silia Ziranek for OMNI prints at their launch party of their funky new premises in London Bridge. At the after party (and after several nuclear strength Whisky Macs) I asked Silvia if I could take her portrait and was pretty pleased with the result, especially given the lateness of […]

Angkor Rouge

Angkor is a region of Cambodia that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire, which flourished from approximately the 9th to 15th centuries. Its subsequent rapid decline has been hypothesised to be due to natural disasters such as disease (Bubonic Plague), earthquakes, inundations and drastic climate changes. Angkor fell further into disrepair under the […]

DEMS portrait

DEMS are an indie-electronica trio from South London. I’ll allow them to define themselves by giving a link to their site HERE where there is plenty examples of their music and vids. I took this portrait for them earlier this week. I’ve decided 2015 will be the Year of the Coloured Gel – far cooler […]

Oliver Harris portrait

I took this portrait of Oliver Harris recently. Oli is halfway through writing a series of detective novels. The first two which are available from Vintage are set mostly around London. The novels hinge around the experiences of the self-destructive genius Detective Nick Belsey of Hampstead CID. Read more about him and his work HERE […]

Rushdie wins Pinter Prize 2014

I covered the Pinter Prize for English PEN recently and took this portrait of Rushdie – the winner. I wanted to portray the depth of his creative capacity and the darkness from his past. Shadow seemed the perfect metaphor for both.

Referendum Photo-essay for Newsweek

If you hurry you can still get the Referendum special edition of Newsweek magazine and get to see some of my photographs in hard copy. The photo-essay was based on the concept that a visual poll is the most interesting way to present opinion. The idea was to shine a beam, broader and brighter than just […]

Parallel Pics

Wow its zuper long since my last post. What can I say? I’ve had a lot on my plate. First up here are some pics from Parallel Lines – which proved to be a very sucessful night for all involved. Massive thanks to Mike Macmillan who’s space we used and Liza Kenrick the curator.

Parallel Lines Group Show

I’m participating in a group exhibition which will run for a week starting Saturday 7th June. I’m exhibiting several new works and the exhibition space is on the top floor of a colossal warehouse so it will be well worth coming and having a look. The show is conceived and curated by the irrepressible Liza […]

Linton Kwesi Johnson portrait

I had a bit of time at the Tricycle theatre to take this portrait before documenting an event with Linton Kwesi Johnson and Patience Agbabi who were sharing the poetry, prose and song that has inspired them throughout their lives. It is a tricky number when you are a fan of your subjects work – especially when he starts […]