Referendum photo-essay for Newsweek

John Thompson Portrait

If you hurry you can still get the Referendum special edition of Newsweek magazine and get to see some of my photographs in hard copy. The photo-essay¬†was based on the concept that a visual poll is the most interesting way to present opinion. The idea was to shine a beam, broader and brighter than just political opinion alone, that highlights everything from the environmental surroundings to the subtleties of the subjects’ body language and handwriting. I conducted the portraits over a week at the beginning of August this year striving to engage with as varied a group of Scots as possible in terms of class, location, age and employment. The picture above is my favourite of the set and is of my friend Jock Thompson from Roberton near Hawick in the Borders. He sees the prospect of Scottish independence as a transfer of powers to Europe – which is already a thorn in his side agriculturally (no pun intended).

Newsweek published 9 of these portraits over 6 pages to accompany the lead article of the edition. In case you missed it I scanned it and have posted them below. Also they exist as a gallery on the Newsweek website HERE

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