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Production photos of The Domestic Crusaders at TARA Arts

I was recently employed by TARA Arts to do the production photographs of their new play The Domestic Crusaders by Wajahat Ali. Ali’s domestic comedy provides an incisive commentary on the nature of the American Dream post 9/11. I shot the dress the rehearsal the day before the play opened. Its hard to get a good appreciation of what the work is like when your running around a stage debating ISO’s and whilst changing lens but it did seem like an interesting one and great people have said great things about it:

“This play is brilliant. Moving. Shapely. Clever. Funny. And the cast is amazing!” Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winning author

“The Domestic Crusaders is exactly the sort of theatre we need today. The gulf that separates cultures must be bridged and Art is one of our best hopes. I’ll be supporting this all the way – please join me and Wajahat in building this bridge!” Emma Thompson, Academy Award winning actress and screenwriter

“Wajahat Ali is writing about contemporary and essential matters, a source not only of laughter but, more importantly, of understanding.” Booker Prize Winning author of Life of Pi, Yann Martel

“The Domestic Crusaders peers onto the heart of a Pakistani Muslim family finding their way in America. It is a play at the crossroads of inheritance and discovery, with shocking secrets and penetrating insights. Go see this play – it could change the way you see your country, your family, your faith, maybe even your path.” Eboo Patel, President Obama’s Advisor on Faith

The play is on for a month or two at TARA Arts space. This is a link to the play on TARA’s website site is HERE

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