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March of the penguins

I’m in Berlin as part of a mission to encourage the German Government to lead efforts to protect the Antarctic Ocean. Germany is hosting a meeting to establish large-scale Antarctic marine protection in July and a coalition of environmental groups (including Greenpeace and WWF) have joined forces to visit the embassies of key Antarctic environmental players (Russia, China and Norway) to raise awareness in the build up to this crucial meeting. We also visited the German Chancellery and the German Fisheries Ministry.

To maximise impact we were accompanied by 4 activist penguins who posed for pictures and generally penguined about, attracting a lot of attention from the embassies, our police convey and members of the public. My job in all this was to try and document the madness and convey their message through my images. Step aside Attenborough.

Activist penguins outside the German Chancellery in Berlin

Antarctica’s Southern Ocean constitutes approximately 10% of the world’s seas. To date, less than 2% of the world’s oceans are protected as marine protected areas while overfishing and other environmental damage has put many ocean environments at risk. Climate change and commercial fishing are already affecting the abundance of important food sources for penguins, whales, seals and birds in some Antarctic marine habitats.

Say “Fish”… the penguins hit the Chinese & Russian embassies

The story (and my pic) was picked up nationally HERE

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