Whitelands College for Penguin Photography

I took this picture of the Whitelends College graduates and staff the other day for a company called Penguin Photography who specialise in top end formal set ups like this one. I used a couple of lights either side of me at different powers to fill in the shadow made by the sun coming in on the right. I thought I’d be able to momentarily leave the lights on their stands with umbrellas while I weighed them down, but that was a schoolboy error. As I finished putting up the second light the first one blew over. BOOM. I ran to its aid and the other blew over behind me. BOOM. Nobody likes feeling like the bastard love child of Laurel and Hardy but fortunately my blunder went unnoticed by anyone of consequence. I broke both the brollies but the lights are OK thanks for asking.

Whitelands College

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