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Comic Portrait

This is Andrew Tobert: an up and coming young comedian who used me for some head shots last weekend.

This one stood out for me. I see shades of Bill Hicks in him – without the cigs though. Watch out for this guy on the UK comic circuit and the open mics of Hackney. (Not to be mistaken with open Mike from Hackney – a candidly sincere guy but a whole other story)


Andrew Tobert portrait

Comedian Andrew Tobert

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The Developing City

One of my favourite subjects – London! But with an architectural slant….

NLA put on this exhibition as part of London Festival of Architecture and it opened to a 500 crowd in the colossal exhibiton space in the Walbrooke Building Ec4 london last night.

Their blurb is exactly this The Developing City Exhibition will look at how the physical environment of the City – its buildings, public spaces and culture have helped it to thrive as a major business centre. The Black Death, the Great Fire, the Blitz brought pestilence and destruction, yet the City survived and rebuilt itself. Today it faces major challenges as a result of the financial meltdown, the changing nature of financial institutions and drive for more sustainable buildings. How will these factors impact on the physical fabric of the City? What will it be like to work in the Square Mile in 2050?

I was commissioned to photograph a series of buildings for the present day section of the show – that’s I how I spent my jubilee weekend. I also documented the completed install and grabbed a few snaps last night at the opening.

This Is London 2012!

Installed imagery

The Telegraph Building

This is one of the buildings I shot for the exhibition. It’s the old Telegraph Building on Fleet Street. You can just see where “Daily Telegraph” has been taken of the building along the top – the goth in me finds that a bit ghostly.


Techno techno techno!

Mega models

The crowd are into it

The show was designed and installed by the fine folk at Pipers Modelmakers

It’s is still running until September but you can find out about opening hours HERE

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Secret cinema

It seems like everyone is familiar with Secret Cinema these days. For those who don’t then allow me to (try to) explain: Secret Cinema screen films, however, the trick is in the name, in that the audience don’t know what the film will be on  until the projection rolls with the opening credits. Why would this interest anyone you may well ask? Well thats not all they offer, they also provide a interactive theatrical journey before the screening which loosely relates to the film being shown (theoretically not enough to give the film away).  Secret Cinema goers expect to be harangued by actors and intrigued by magnificent installations. I haven’t even mentioned the locations they choose but  they are equally impressive – the current central London premises had to hold the 930 guests on first night.

It was an interesting gig to be employed to shoot. I don’t think I’m giving too much away by telling you there was a strong sci fi element to this one. Check out this selection of my pics below.

Awaiting embarkation

Directions from within

Directions from within

Hypersleep (aka one of the many bars)

An the film is….

This show is still running for a few weeks. take a peek at the Secret Cinema website and book tickets for you and your friends and family HERE.

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