Will Stein portrait

William Stein portrait

William Stein portrait at Studio 1.1

William Stein is an uncompromising artist who has the vision, ability and dedication to survive the art world. His triumphant second solo show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 is a strong testament to this. You don’t have to look very hard to realise that his work doesn’t fall into the mass category of flimsy abstract art which is overflowing from galleries and studio spaces in the east of London. Stein stands apart through his vehement dedication to the arrangement of shape, colour and textures whilst constantly (and obsessively) returning to his cherished icons: the cone, the cube and the sphere, which he energises till they become totems of his vision.

His show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 on Redchurch Street is on till the 25th of March.

PV night 1.1


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