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Spring beauty shoot

Earlier this week a couple of make up artists used me to photograph some of their signature looks for their lookbooks. It was a hot spring day and everybody loves the sunshine. This is my A+ edit…

The hair and make up artists were Sarah Linley and Karla Barchieri

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Getting out of the housework….

…is a chore in itself.

(I shot this on Brighton beach last Friday. Blessed is the springtime but damn the spring cleaning!)

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Wash your face in my Paddington Basin

In my perfect world street art wouldn’t be confined to the Shoreditch triangle (ok, and Hackney Wick). It would be a constant flow of free expression where nothing is sacred and our grey urban landscape would become transformed into a witty kaleidoscope of shape and colour. In homage to the only pieces of street art I found in the Paddington Basin I returned to an old classic recipe of mine for this series that I shot earlier in the week. Put crudely, I take one environment; add one staged element and then wait for an “unknown” to pass into frame (which in these three instances were all feet!). Its a tasty formula which I had explored years back in my Urban Ills series, particularly series(v) from 2005… HERE!

Without further ado check out these puppies…


paddington basin ice cream man

paddington basin pink shocker


Whilst in “the basin” I had access to the old City of Westminster College site whose imminent demolition will pave the way for next layer of corporate glass and chrome to fill that microcosm. Coincidentally I was with my old friend Bonnie who came with Boyd (the staffordshire cross in the picture above), and who had actually gone to school there. After the shoot I thought it would be fitting to pop up to her old classroom to take a portrait photograph of her. This shot was taken at a very high ISO in the last few seconds of daylight way high up in the school whilst Boyd ran circles round my pink high heeled model on North Wharf Road way down below. Apparently this portrait was taken on the very spot where she had become a pacifist but that’s another story.


Cath o'Drae feeling the old school vibes

Cath o'Drae feeling the old school vibes


Other than hanging out with Boyd, Bonnie is a very talented singer/songwriter. Check her myspace out which is original and raw… HERE!


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Will Stein’s scatter brain exposed

William Stein portrait

William Stein portrait at Studio 1.1

William Stein is an uncompromising artist who has the vision, ability and dedication to survive the art world. His triumphant second solo show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 is a strong testament to this. You don’t have to look very hard to realise that his work doesn’t fall into the mass category of flimsy abstract art which is overflowing from galleries and studio spaces in the east of London. Stein stands apart through his vehement dedication to the arrangement of shape, colour and textures whilst constantly (and obsessively) returning to his cherished icons: the cone, the cube and the sphere, which he energises till they become totems of his vision.

His show “Scatter” at Studio 1.1 on Redchurch Street is on till the 25th of March.

PV night 1.1

And if you miss it then the man has web presence… HERE!!

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