Heyereyah Portrait

Heyereyah Portrait

Reggae musician Heyereyah

I spent Saturday night with Heyereyah taking his portrait. We shot a few good portraits but I engage most with this one. I think it’s his air of openness without giving away too much. Intrige is key.

Heyereyah is a London born reggae musician although, as he points out, there are strong elements of folk and blues in his music too. What I had envisaged being a very simple set up ending up being a bit of a production but what’s new? Fortunately Heyereyah was delayed laying down some beats South London sides which gave me plenty of time to ponder the lighting. He timed his arrival to perfection and I even got a couple of tunes out of him – perhaps the benefit of photographing a musician straight from the recording studio?

Heyereyah plays with the Human Bridge Band. You can find out more about him and his music on his website www.hayereyah.com

Positivity all round

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